1. Participation and Eligibility

Only HP PPS Partners (Distributor, Gold and Preferred Partners) or Registered Partners’ sales employees may participate in the online incentive programme, subject to them meeting the following requirements throughout the period of the campaign:

1.Each participating individual must be a legitimate employee of a Partner who has been invited by HP to participate in this incentive programme. A Participant must be an authentically registered HP Channel Rewards participant and have a HP Channel Rewards username and password.

2. The HP Channel Rewards administration team will contact the Principal Manager prior to the launch of the programme to obtain an Authorisation of Participation. Eligible applicants must contact their relevant manager to confirm their organisation’s participation in theHPChannel Rewards campaign. The Principal Manager of a HP Partner includes, but is not restricted to: managing director, general manager or sales director.

3. Participants must work in South Africa

4.Individuals may register at any point after the programme launch as long as this is during the period of the programme. Once a Participant has successfully registered, he/she is eligible to earn rewards and participate in the monthly prize draws (if applicable to campaign).

5.HP reserves the right to change theHPChannel Rewards programme, wholly or partly, with a notice dependant on the specific campaigns. All incentives earned prior to any such amendment will be honoured as per the programme up to the point of the amendment.

6.HP reserves the right to deregister a Participant, at any point in the programme, whom they believe not to be honouring the stated Terms and Conditions.

7. HP reserves the right to alter the terms and conditions of this incentive at any time.

8.Should a Participant be found to have transgressed the Terms and Conditions of the programme, HP reserves the right to cease the active accounts of all of the Participants of the respective Partner, to blacklist the respective Participant and/or Partner on the HP Channel Rewards website, and disallow any future participation in this programme.

2. Programme Duration

1.HP reserves the right to terminate theHPChannel Rewards Online Incentive with a notice dependant on specific campaigns. Automatic termination will occur should the respective Contract between the Partner and HP be terminated, or not be renewed. All incentives earned prior to any such termination will be honoured as per the programme up to the point of termination.

3. Account Details
The following conditions apply:
Within this site, a Participant will have access to a personal account statement, an updated balance, a sales transaction form,  and product information.

1. Participants will be given a unique username and password upon registration and each individual is responsible for the privacy of these details. The Partner, HP or any participating agency of HP, is not liable for the abuse of any account.

2.Should an individual’s password be misplaced or potentially viewed by another, that individual must change his/her password

3.It is the responsibility of the Participant to inform the HP Channel Rewards administration team of any amendments to his/her personal details i.e. surname, address, email, Partner organisation and job title, by emailing incentives@hpchannel.co.za

4. Earning and Rewards

1. HP Channel Rewards are available only to those Participants who sell the relevant PPS products, as per the Channel HP Rewards website, within the specified programme period.

2.The Sales Registration Form on the website needs to be accurately completed and must relate to product sales made solely by that individual. All details need to be completed to ensure that every sale is valid.

4. Special bid deals to telcos and retailers are excluded in this incentive.

5. Sales registrations will only be considered if the relevant invoice number is uploaded. HP has the right to request proof of invoice at any time and if the participant does not comply, their sales may be voided.

6.Each sales transaction can only be claimed once and cannot be claimed by any other Participant.

7.Only once the Participant has successfully progressed through the validation procedures, will HP Channel Rewards be available to be awarded. It may take up to a month for validation to be complete (audit and approval). The audits of sales submitted by the Participant will be managed through the distributors on behalf of the Partner. Any false claims will result in the Participant being removed from the programme and the dealer Principal will be notified.

9.The Partner, HP or any involved agency of HP is not liable for delayed, misplaced, incomplete or corrupted sales registrations or prize claims.

5. Rewards
1. Prizes will take the form of a MasterCard gift card or paid through company payroll depending on partner’s agreement with HP. This MasterCard gift card is not transferable.

2. In case of the MasterCard gift cards, the gift card will be sent to all the Participant and the rewards will be loaded onto the voucher every time sales are validated and approved.

3.Once sales are validated a communication will be sent to the MasterCard gift vouchers holders notifying them of the load amount. It is the responsibility of the participant to keep the MasterCard gift voucher safe at all times and to notify the administration team if the card needs to be replaced

5. The MasterCard gift cards are neither a Partner, nor acting as a servant or as a subcontractor neither of a Partner nor of HP.

6.MasterCard gift cards will be valid for the period as stated by the merchandiser and will expire at the end of this period automatically without any notice.

7.Any participant that has received a MasterCard gift card will be held fully liable for any tax implications associated with this reward, in accordance with the prevailing tax laws of South Africa. The onus is on the recipient to disclose any cash rewards to SARS for income tax purposes.

5.2Conditions of Rewards

1. All queries regarding this programme and the rewards on offer must be directed to the HP Channel Rewards administration team at incentives@hpchannel.co.za

I confirm that I understand and fully accept the Terms and Conditions of the HP Channel Rewards with PSG Programme.

I further agree that the registration data, i.e. first and last name, email address, job title, address, username, password, sales details, rewards and awards will be stored during the programme period and for three months thereafter. This data collection and storage is compulsory in order to participate in the HP Channel Rewards with HP PPS programme.

Should you no longer wish to comply with these Terms and Conditions, you are required to email the HP Channel Rewards administration team, and this will result in your deregistration from the programme